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Carbide Scrap Metal

Carbide scrap metal isn’t exactly available everywhere. It’s not something that a scrapper will just happen upon. Carbide, and particularly tungsten carbide, is a high value, high rarity material that metal recovery experts such as EU Scrap SP Z.O.O go in search of. It’s only found in a handful of applications, but they are extremely important applications that several industries rely upon. This makes recycling carbide a worthy goal to EU Scrap SP Z.O.O , and one that typically has to be done with the help of an experienced metal recovery expert.

Technical  Specifications

Description: Tungsten-Carbide Rod / Grade C-2 (ISO K20/K30)

Sandvik H10F – Fine Grade (0.8 µm grain size)

Chemical Composition: Cobalt – 10%, Tungsten-Carbide- Balance

Theoretical Density: Approx. 0.54 lb/in3 or 14.8 gm/cm3

Hardness: Rockwell  “A" 92.1  or  Vickers-H30V= 1,600

Transverse Rupture Strength: 623,000 psi or 4,300 N/mm2

Compressive Strength: 906,250 psi or 6,250 N/mm2

Electrical Resistivity: Approx. 19.0 Microhm-cm

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Finest Tungsten Carbide Scrap Suppliers
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