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Helping smaller sellers of non-ferrous metals with buyers across India, ‘Metals Planet’, an e-commerce B2B marketplace, has successfully utilising digitisation as an enabler. This platform is now exploring tremendous revenue potential for the entire sector.

Digitisation in every realm of business transactions is now a significant advantage for both sellers and buyers. In India, smaller sellers no longer need to restrict operations within a limited regional area. They can confidently surge forth and capture a more significant part of a global market and increase their visibility. Metals Planet, a thriving e-commerce marketplace, has been shaping the non-ferrous metals segment with its consumer-friendly approach.


Buyers do not need to restrict business possibilities with only a handful of known sellers. Opting for bestsellers from any location has become possible digitally. Any non-ferrous metal supplier can now have the confidence to reach out, pitch, take order and supply material to a buyer at their mutually pre-decided price and at the best quality they wish to stick to. This has increasingly been possible due to digitisation in the sector. Thanks to the Metals Planet platform – The possibilities of e-commerce have unfolded many new opportunities for small sellers and buyers in India. Metals Planet e-commerce marketplace has also shown that with digitisation, revenue potential indeed becomes higher and benefits everyone, from a worker to the seller and manufacturer, the transporter , and the final buyer.

THE JOURNEY OF ‘METALS PLANET’: Right since the inception of Metals Planet e-commerce marketplace in February in the Year 2021, the team observed and monitored the growth of metal traders, manufacturers and fabricators from smaller towns and cities. Most of them have been eager to use e-commerce to purchase of raw materials, especially from building, construction, electrical and electronics. This was highly helpful during Covid-19 pandemic days too.

Metals Planet quickly established its positioning as an integrated platform from checking the material, comparing price and placing orders by buyers, creating a proforma invoice, E-invoice and E-way bill by sellers and finance and logistics. Its contribution in Digital India initiative is high by facilitating the MSME sector of non-ferrous metal suppliers to do transactions online in metro cities and in tier two and three cities.

On the platform, buyers can buy all non-ferrous (Aluminium Ingots, billets, wire rods, ADC-12, Copper Cathode, Copper wire rods, bus bars, magnet wires, Zinc Ingots, ZAMAK, Tin Ingots, Lead Ingots, Nickel Cathode, etc.) and ferrous metals (Pig Ingots).


As per KPMG report: Indian demand for non-ferrous metals is expected to grow at 8 percent between 2016 and 2021.

In a report published in Economic Times in February 2021 stated: A sharp rise in global demand for non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminium and zinc along with their products, has dramatically helped the Indian engineering exports brave through the Covid-19 pandemic hit world trade, an EEPC (Engineering Exports Promotion Council) India analysis has shown.

A near 16 per cent increase in overall engineering exports during January 2021 over the same month last year was influenced by a sharp rise of 66.66 per cent in shipments of copper/products to USD 138.50 million from USD 83.10 million. Likewise, zinc and products witnessed an increase 39 per cent in shipments to USD 72.17 million from USD 52 million. Exports of aluminium and products went up by 21 per cent to USD 512 million from 423 million for the month on an annualised basis.

"The non-ferrous metals are in great demand in the international market thanks to their usage in electric vehicles and their batteries as the world moves towards cleaner energy,” EEPC India Chairman Mahesh Desai said.

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